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Easy as the Days Go

Easy as the days go by
in the summer villages,
in the English gardens and
on American front porches.

You have not lived if you
have not spent time rocking
in a chair on wooden
planks that creak under the sun.

You have not lived if you
have not spent time not thinking
too much, only how pleasant
the current moment is,

how scent-kissed the air is,
how sun-kissed your face is,
how sense-kissed your body is,
how slow-kissed the time goes.

Easy as the days go by
you find that place where
getting nothing done
gives you everything.

Kyle McHale 2014


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Lost in an English Bog

Now all that’s left is in a fog
Covered up, hidden in the dark
Areas of heart, the confused
Places of where the madness starts.

Lost in some swampy English bog
The going is slow, the course unknown,
Lefts are rights confused in ice mud,
A place of fear that is un-shown.

A few barren trees, a bramble
Or two, a stone near the weeping
Willow that cries over a stream
When it rains in the endless sinking.

A small hope in a small owl
Shows up as a spirit guide.
Which way is out? Where is the light?
A time when true guides never hide.

It hops and darts from tree to stone,
It flies and floats and holds on deep,
A hope in wings above the mud,
My eyes fear down but owl light keeps.

Kyle McHale      2012

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