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Thoughts in Autumn

I become lost in the scattered mess as I always am,
or seem to be, unable to break my unhappy cycle.
When daylight begins to die with everything else I find some peace.
The modern world allows for many of us to
avoid panic before the cold comes,
too much time to think when survival is not the pulse of thought.

I let an early frost-covered weekend morning break the silence,
and watch the cold glisten outside the kitchen window.
The house is asleep, though I am not.
My head hangs, my heart hangs,
my thoughts aren’t of anything memorable or meaningful.

Coffee is a good thing,
I learned to drink it too young with Gramps who would wake
too early to watch frost with a hanging head as well.
A deep sadness carried by men who often spread cheer themselves
but know the grim realities of life,
staying with those who have love in their hearts despite
the darkness of the world.

Slow mornings are good.
I wish I could share them with Gramps and Dad.
I say bring the season on with a quiet passion.
Dying colors have that special beauty,
an irreplaceable hit on the senses.
The air is cold, the coffee hot,
and I somewhere in between.
If anything I am ahead of the day
but behind in everything else,
thinking on this autumn morning.

Kyle McHale      2012


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Gentle Wind

Softly now, gentle wind,
Kiss them on the head from me,
I have lived, I have seen,
I wish to cross the sea.

Softly now, gentle wind,
Push my sail lightly so,
Calm the sea, calm my heart,
Please show me what you know.

Softly now, gentle wind,
Guide me with true reason here,
I’ve been lost, I seek truth,
I wish to face my fears.

Softly now, gentle wind,
Forgive me if I cry,
Touch my face, hold my hand,
Let me feel the sky.

Softly now, gentle wind,
Please leave me out to sea,
I have lived, I will go,
Kiss them on the head for me.

Kyle McHale      2010

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