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Travelling Towards a Heavy Heart

Travelling from the broken coast
To where one seeks some peace the most,
A destination waiting there,
A calling out through humble air.

To find it and to travel well
Means keeping faith when oceans swell,
Keeping pace and bearing straight,
Knowing luck meets travelling fate.

Broken down and walking slow
A hovering of hope will glow
And stay with you just over head
From when you’re true till when you’re dead.

Not all who seek find that warm place
Hidden somewhere in secret space,
Below the ground, between the trees
Is where some peace stays secretly,

But if by chance or stupid fate
You’re lucky enough to locate
That cherished space, that sacred glow,
The reward is what you’ve come to know,

A heavy heart and wisdom too,
A subtle warmth and peace for you.

Kyle McHale      2012


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